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Our current Candle Fundraising Programs can be viewed at

Our Candle Fundraising program, once known as Celebrating Home Fundraising, and also Home Interiors Candle Fundraisers,
is now known as La-Tee-Da Fundraising, and provides the same candles you've loved for years.

If you would like to place a personal order for candles, available through our fundraising line only, we can accept a 5 item minimum order. Payment by money order is accepted.

Although Celebrating Home and Home Interiors announced the closing of their direct sales home party plan division in July 2015, our fundraising program continues to assist organizations across the U.S. with the candle fundraising programs. Learn More

Our office is not affiliated with the party plan division and we are not able to assist you with requests for,
or have any other information or phone numbers regarding:

The party plan division has closed and our office has no further information.

We welcome your call for questions ONLY if you are requesting a fundraising information packet for your organization, to begin a fundraiser, or to place a candle order.

Deb Murray,
National Fundraising Distributor
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